When to unfriend people on Facebook


facebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

As I’ve still got some time on my hands (I’m now 6 days overdue and counting) and realising that a week after I finally give birth, my husband and I will probably share something fairly private on Facebook – e.g. a picture of our first child, I decided to have a look at the list of people we would be sharing this with.

I have (or rather had) around 280 people classed as “friends” on my Facebook page.  Considering I invited 30 people to my last birthday party and we had a combined 150 guests at our wedding, 280 people is a lot.

Scanning through the list, I noticed some names where I can’t even recall how I knew them.  It was probably a tour where we got along for a few days and swapped Facebook names, or old work colleagues from a job I had over a decade ago.  Would they really care about the birth of my child?  Probably not.  I decided to unfriend all of these people.  There were surprisingly more than I thought!

I then went through this list again, and decided to unfriend everyone who did not fit the current criteria:

  • if I should see this person on the street, would I go up to them to say hello?

If not, unfriend.  Again, surprisingly more than I thought there would be.

This didn’t feel like a malicious or cruel exercise.  Not only am I saving myself from information I don’t really care about, but also on the flip side.  If I couldn’t be bothered to say hello to any of these people – could I really expect them to feel differently?  Also, would they even care to see my updates on their newsfeed?  Probably not.  Some people I decided to unfriend had well over 500 “friends”.  Surely they are just collecting and aren’t really interested in what everyone had to say.

I think it was worth unfriending people on Facebook for everyone concerned and probably worth having an annual clear out.  Like a spring cleaning for your social networks!  I would highly recommend!


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