How to get labour started naturally

A pregnant woman

A pregnant woman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am now 4 days overdue and am trying everything known to man to get my labour started naturally.  I am booked in for a membrane sweep with the midwife this Friday and I’ll be induced early next week if still pregnant, however I’m very keen to go into labour before hand.

So my life is now dictated by how I can incorporate as many items listed below as possible into the day.  If they work, fantastic!  I’ll be able to give birth naturally, if not – at least I’ve been kept busy during this waiting period.

My husband has said that this waiting is like sitting at an airport waiting for your delayed plane to be called or given a new time.  I think it’s like being a kid again, waiting for Christmas, only you don’t know what day Christmas actually is.  It’s certainly testing our patience – which should be good practise for the future.  We have learnt during this pregnancy that you can’t control everything with children especially after the 20 week scan (where our lovely child hid their genitals so we couldn’t find out what sex they were!)

So, how to get labour started naturally:

  • Eat a hot curry (not too much as you don’t want heartburn as well!)
  • Eat pineapple (particularly the middle core)
  • Drink raspberry leaf tea (in moderation)
  • Go for a walk – to stay vertical (or for a waddle, which is my case)
  • Or get horizontal (interesting positions must be found with your partner to actually have intercourse while 40+ weeks pregnant, if you can muster up some energy for it!)
  • Nipple stimulation (you actually have to mimic a baby breastfeeding where you massage the areola)
  • Caster oil (I haven’t tried this one, as it tastes horrible and I don’t think I want the runs as well.  Some have said this is an old wife’s tale so perhaps not worth it)
  • Reflexology (this is my favourite as it’s so relaxing, especially for your swollen feet!)
  • Acupuncture (I’m not a fan of needles, so we’ll see how much later I get before trying this one)
  • lightly bouncing on a birth ball (similar theory as going for a walk)
  • take evening primrose oil capsules (although I think you need to start this at around 38 weeks)

Hopefully I can get my labour started naturally and meet this wonderful baby very, very soon!  Please do let me know if you can add to this list at all!


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One Response to How to get labour started naturally

  1. I can add another one to this above list – someone on twitter told me clover sage oil – a few drops in the bath, or mixed with a base oil and massaged into the belly. Giving it a try today!

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