Enjoy Glastonbury, honey!

English: View over the Glastonbury Festival, t...

English: View over the Glastonbury Festival, taken on Wednesday 24th June 2009 Category:Glastonbury Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I woke up with a slight shade of green tinge to my skin.

I’m not the type to get envious very often, in fact it’s usually only reserved for friends who are about to embark on an extended holiday somewhere exotic.

However, today I witnessed a huge benefit to being a man.  While your wife is pregnant, you can embark on – wearing normal clothes, eat all the brie and drink a bottle of wine and more importantly today, head off to your “last child-free music festival” for a while.

As much as I will enjoy the house to myself for the next few days where I can potter around to my heart’s content, have all the girls over every day if I want and catch up on the TV shows he hates such as Fashion Police (Joan Rivers is evil and hilarious and the show is like indulging on a glass of French champagne, reading a fashion mag and wearing stupidly high heels that you can’t walk in all at the same time) – I too would have loved to go to my last child-free festival such as Glastonbury.

As I got pregnant very quickly (no complaints there) – I never thought to or got the chance to do things one last time.  I know life doesn’t end when you have a child and it’s very, very important (I believe) for a mother to try and hold onto her own identity and interests once children are born, however it would have been nice to really indulge in some of these now forbidden pleasures.  Also, knowing it would be the “last time for a while” would make these pleasures so much sweeter.

So, this morning, I lay in bed as I watched my husband get his camping gear, clothes, food and cowboy outfit (I’m not joking) together and then head off to the train station to Glastonbury festival where the headline act is the Rolling Stones and try to remind myself that in 9 weeks’ time, it will all be worth it….

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