Welcome to the 3rd trimester!

Pregnancy cartoon of all the negative side affects such as burping!

There are so many books out there regarding pregnancy however, I have put my head in the sand a bit and just dealt with what comes my way.  If something odd happens, I usually call my sister (who has an 18 month old) or do a quick online search.

So now that I’m 30 weeks pregnant and well and truly into my 3rd trimester, I had no idea of what was in store for me.  So focused sometimes on the birth in 10 weeks’ time, the little niggles beforehand were an interesting surprise!  I think my favourite so far has to be the leg cramps, closely followed by heartburn and then closely followed by constipation!  Nice.

I have never had any of those distractions prior to pregnancy and even, prior to the 3rd trimester – so each was a new “adventure”.

My husband suffers from foot cramps so apparently at 5am when I was awoken by my first leg cramp, I just yelled at the top of my voice, “Honey, honey, honey, honey, cramp, honey, leg, honey, honey!”  Poor thing.  At least he knew what to do.  Straighten, raise and rub.  Not so easy to massage when you have a large bump in the way!  Hopefully it doesn’t happen while he isn’t at home!

Heartburn was another fun experience.  I wasn’t sure if I could take anything and everything online tells you to consult your doctor, so I spent a very painful half an hour pacing the lounge until the heartburn had disappeared (thanks Indian takeaway!)  However, I found out the next day, all mothers around me at the office said that they had a packet of gaviscon

nearby to deal with it.  Who wants that pain for longer than a minute?  (hello again, Indian takeaway!)

And finally constipation.  Never a topic that is high on anyone’s discussion list, however I’m going for it.  I’ve found, after days of looking 10 months pregnant and walking like I’m 124 years old, berries, homemade muesli, natural yoghurt and a huge tablespoon of oat bran for breakfast, followed by a couple of prunes, dried apricots and some red grapes for a mid-morning snack keeps me regular.  I also discovered the hard way what happens when you eat too much of the afternoon snack.  Yikes!!


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2 Responses to Welcome to the 3rd trimester!

  1. Katie says:

    So true. These are things that only happen to me when I’m pregnant! It’s certainly no walk in the park 🙂

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