Not everyone gives up their seat to a pregnant lady….

As naff as the saying is, “Baby on Board”, these underground badges for pregnant ladies are great.  Not only for the wearer, but also for any doubt if someone is pregnant or not.  There is nothing worse than giving up your seat for someone who you thought was pregnant, when they are not.  You just ruined their day when you thought you were doing the right thing.

But unfortunately, when wearing the said badge, it really demonstrates how the world has changed.  Because when you are standing there in front of 4 men (3 different nationalities, ages between late 20s and late 40s, all in suits) sitting down right in front of you, while you have your pregnant belly showing, wearing the badge – there is no doubt that I’m pregnant – so it’s up to the individual to decide what to do with the information.  After about 15 minutes, all 4 had glanced at me briefly and then buried their heads into the newspaper, like the London Metro is the most interesting paper in the world (it’s not).  After half an hour, my back started really aching.

Finally one of them stood up to leave and I got that seat, as everyone around me was starring at these 4 guys, thinking exactly what you are and they all parted ways when a seat was finally available.

Considering that I’m only 5.5 months pregnant – imagine what it’ll be like when I’m 9 months pregnant?  Imagine those poor pregnant ladies who have twins!?

As this is only my 3rd day coming into the office, I’m hoping that this isn’t a common occurrence.

baby on board

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