Back in the office

So, I’ve decided to back to the office, part-time.  I still haven’t decided if this was a good or bad decision but we will see as the weeks progress.  After working on just my website for a few months, travelling and being a bit of a lady of leisure, I decided that it may help to get something a bit more stable and consistent while I still can.

As I mentioned in a previous post – getting recruitment agents to remain interested after letting them know that I’m pregnant was a battle and funnily enough, I got a job through my network and not through a recruitment agency.  I still haven’t heard from them, I really had to chase them and I got one job spec over a 4 week period and I know there were a lot more jobs out there during this time frame.

Nevermind – I’ve managed to find something and it’s 4 days a week, which means I can continue working on my website OR take it easy as my energy levels aren’t what they used to be!

Most pregnant ladies with their first child work up to almost 9 months, so if they can do it, I can’t see why I can’t.  I’ve been very fortunate to be able to not work in the office up to this point.

Meeting everyone and being the “newbie” in the office is amusing when obviously pregnant as it’s an easy ice breaker and it seems to be all anyone talks to me at the moment.  Looking forward to talking about other topics and work stuff.

I just wish the commuters on the train could see my obvious stomach as well as my new work colleagues!

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