Uncooperative baby during the 20 week scan

Is this an indication of what’s to come?

My husband and I have been counting down to the 20 week scan.  Of course we want to know that our baby is healthy and happy but we are both impatient and over curious and really, really wanted to know the sex of our baby.

It’s against the trend, amongst my circle of friends.  Most theorise that there aren’t many surprises in life and this is one, so they didn’t want to know until the birth.  My husband and I however are planners and we are also moving to a new house on Saturday – so do we decorate the nursery for a girl or boy (my question), or do we buy a rugby outfit or tennis/golf outfit for a girl (my husbands concern)?

We get to the hospital and the medical consultant we have to perform the ultrasound is a very friendly and patient New Zealander.  Patient, because I think our little one has my husband’s sense of humour.

Not only did the poor guy have to chase my baby around my womb for half an hour to be able to view certain parts of the body for longer than a few seconds, but the little bugger kept hiding it’s private parts and so we never found out the sex!

This is the third scan we have had and this baby has been very, very active in all three.  All I can say is thank god my placenta is at the front, so I won’t feel any kicks for a couple more weeks.  I think this baby is going to kick the crap out of me!

Oh dear….!

(at least he/she is very healthy so far, so we are very happy and excited…!)

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2 Responses to Uncooperative baby during the 20 week scan

  1. So exciting, I was the same, we were sooo excited to find out what we were having. We figured, there’s enough surprises coming up, that we might as well treat ourselves to finding out one! We found out we were having a boy at 13 weeks and then it was confirmed at the 20 week scan. Looking forward to following your journey and seeing the little one!

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