Amazon rainforest and oil drilling

Aerial view of the Amazon Rainforest

Aerial view of the Amazon Rainforest (Photo credit: CIFOR)

Today, I saw an article headline on the Guardian that I hesitated to read.  It was, “Ecuador auctions off Amazon to Chinese oil firms”.  I almost didn’t read the article, because sometimes putting my head in the sand, helps with my stress levels and sanity.  Thankfully, I didn’t because this heading (surprise, surprise) is a just little misleading as it hasn’t been sold yet.  Unfortunately, that’s about the only positive I can gain from the article.

Basically, as we all know, the Amazon rainforest is full of wildlife and contributes a large amount of oxygen into our polluted air.  It also houses many indigenous groups who have been living there for centuries.  Not only could it be potentially devastating environmentally by destroying the forest and it’s wildlife, but the indigenous tribes who live there have been largely ignored of the Ecuadorian governments plans.  They could lose their culture and way of life as it currently stands.

When reading these kind of reports it just makes me wild.  After most of the world destroying it’s own forests by chopping everything down – to then poach on others who have the last remaining natural forests left and destroy that as well, have we not learnt anything?  Is history just there to read as a good story – or are we to learn from it?  Do politicians always only look at the short term gain and never the long term consequences?  Surely the Ecuadorian’s air pollution and tourist trade will suffer during the drilling.  Once all of the oil has been taken and what’s left is baron and polluted land that can’t make any further profits or be used for any other purpose, what then?  It will affect the politicians own families as well – or do they get a nice kick back for the deal, that is again a nice short term gain?

If this makes you as mad as it makes me, then please sign this petition.  I know that this may not stop anything, but it’s definitely worth a try.



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2 Responses to Amazon rainforest and oil drilling

  1. BLYSS chocolate says:

    thank you for following your impulse here, to not only read, sign but also share. super important to the big picture!

  2. Thanks BLYSS chocolate. I just get so worked up sometimes! 🙂

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