What can I do now to have a relaxed baby?!

On my side of the family, I have just one nephew and no nieces.  My sister gave birth to him 18 months ago.  He is a golden child.  He sleeps from 7pm to 7am every single night.  He is open to all new tasks and he eats everything.

My sister has no idea how she has been blessed with such an amazing child.  Not only that, but he has huge blue eyes with long eyelashes and absolutely adorable.

Understandably, a lot of mother’s do not want to know how many hours sleep my sister gets every night, as their experience is very, very different.

So it appears that my nephew is the exception to the rule.

How do I get one of those?

Being just short of 4 months pregnant, I’ve decided to change a few things about my life now that will hopefully help me in September.  There is a very, very, very good chance that all of these changes I make now (and hopefully stick to) are completely fruitless and it’s all got to do with genes.  My brother in law is so laid back that this may be the main reason for my nephews superior behaviour.  Or maybe my sister is just lucky.

So what changes have I made?  The first thing is diet.  I eat relatively healthy anyway, aside from the cheese cravings I’ve had since pregnancy!  (mmmm cheese toasties).  However, what about fructose and caffeine?

I am personally hugely affected by fructose.  I suffer from eczema and hayfever and after many, many, many years of trial and error, I have worked out that if I cut fructose out of my diet as much as possible, both of these allergies significantly subside and even disappear.  My husband also suffers from allergies and therefore there is a very good chance that this little one inside me will also suffer from allergies.  So, if I can keep him/her off fructose that heavily affects me – it definitely couldn’t hurt.

Speaking of fructose – I have read an amazing amount of literature regarding the negative impacts of fructose when it isn’t eaten with fibre as mother nature intended (such as whole fruit).  Aside from fructose being added in higher and higher proportions to packaged and processed foods – some are blaming it for the obesity problem.  Which makes sense to me, as 100 years ago, fructose wasn’t eaten in the quantities it is today, however fat was and there was no obesity problem…  Perhaps my cheese addiction isn’t so bad after all.  Who knows?

With caffeine, in the UK, the guidelines for pregnant women is 200 mg of caffeine per day, which is the same as two instant coffees, which I have been sticking to.  However, I’ve decided to cut caffeine out completely to help with the relaxed baby cause.  This is only a new thing.  I started on Monday last week.

As hard as fructose is to cut out of the diet (the cravings were intense for the first 3 days and now I don’t feel like it anymore, honest), cutting out caffeine has been a lot harder.  I love coffee.  It’s so comforting.  First thing in the morning, reading my emails, facebook and the latest news with my hot cup of coffee, mmmm.  So I’ve had to switch to decaff.  I’m finally used to the taste and it seems to fill in the hole, but only about 75%.  It’s just missing something…!

Next, yoga.  I’ve decided I should really be doing yoga at least every second day.  I’m terrible at sticking to these ideas.  When I wake up and do a session, I feel so good and while I’m practising, I think to myself – I’m definitely going to do this every day!  And then I don’t again for another 4 days.  Something to work on.

Stress is my next focus.  Last year, when I had my big finance job, I was also a very, very stressed person.  This didn’t help my eczema, health and let’s be honest relationship.  So, along with trying to work on my website at home, I’ve decided to perhaps look for just a part-time job in the interim to help with finances.  Then I would have time to work on my website and also just have some down time if I need.  That’s the plan anyway.  Only problem is that there aren’t too many part-time jobs out there.  Especially in my field.  I’m happy to take a one step back from my position last year, but more than one and I feel that my pride may get in the way.  We’ll see how I get on.  In one week, I may have completely changed my mind again.

Anyway, all of these ideal changes may become too difficult to stick to or may not help at all!  I’ll let you know in September….

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