Pregnancy and Emotions. Comic relief nearly killed me..

On Friday, in the UK, it was Red nose day and on Friday night they had a Comic Relief show on BBC TV whereby celebrities performed or created comedy skits to entertain all.  Every 15 minutes or so there would also be mini reports from all over Africa and the UK highlighting all the issues there are, what Comic relief is trying to raise money for, and how this charity will use the money you donated throughout the week or during this show.

I’ve seen this show before and the reports from the underprivileged really pulls at the heart-strings.

Only this time, being pregnant with my first child, I was inconsolable.

Watching these poor children in Africa dying of TB, malnutrition, malaria and diarrhea and hearing awful stories in the UK of drug-addicted parents treating their children in the most horrific ways – I cried during nearly every single report and after watching about 5 of these reports, I had to put myself to bed –  I just couldn’t handle it anymore.  (My husband and I donated in case you’re wondering).

What was also interesting though, is my husband is relatively sensitive, but I’ve never seen him  so upset by a documentary before.  And you can’t blame the hormones for that.  It’s interesting how empathetic you become to these people’s lives and unfortunate situations and therefore a lot more sensitive.

I could write for another 6,000 words about the injustices of the world, politics, corruption, etc, etc but it’s probably best for everyone if I just leave it there for now!

red nose day red nose day

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