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Amazon rainforest and oil drilling

Today, I saw an article headline on the Guardian that I hesitated to read.  It was, “Ecuador auctions off Amazon to Chinese oil firms”.  I almost didn’t read the article, because sometimes putting my head in the sand, helps with … Continue reading

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So, what do you do now since you don’t have a job?

This weekend I went to a birthday party of a friend of mine and there were a few people there whom I haven’t seen for many months.  The conversations at this party were very reminiscent of last week’s catch up … Continue reading

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My bump has become public property

Last night, I went to a leaving drinks party with my ex-co-workers from the company I worked for up until November last year. My wonderful ex-boss has resigned and is moving on to greener pastures.  He was such a wonderful … Continue reading

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What can I do now to have a relaxed baby?!

On my side of the family, I have just one nephew and no nieces.  My sister gave birth to him 18 months ago.  He is a golden child.  He sleeps from 7pm to 7am every single night.  He is open … Continue reading

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Pregnancy and Emotions. Comic relief nearly killed me..

On Friday, in the UK, it was Red nose day and on Friday night they had a Comic Relief show on BBC TV whereby celebrities performed or created comedy skits to entertain all.  Every 15 minutes or so there would … Continue reading

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Is working from home isolating, pre-kids?

Yesterday, a friend of mine came over to my house for lunch.  She has been working as a freelancer for 15 months and has decided to go back to the office for various reasons. She was my last working from … Continue reading

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Trying to find work while pregnant

It’s 10am in the morning, freezing outside, and I’m sitting here, in my PJs, eating breakfast (don’t hate me) – fruit, yoghurt and homemade museli that consists of no sugar – I know.  I’m very, very good at starting the … Continue reading

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